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Judi's Journey


My name is Judi

I am an interior designer. I am a typical born and bred Singaporian. You can tell by the way I speak, my manners, and my love of food!

This is my story about how I got into the interior design industry. I actually got very lucky. VERY lucky.

Judi Lee-Carr


Hi there! My name is Judi. I was born in Singapore but I have lived in different capitals around the world. I went to London for school. Then, I moved to the amazing and culturally vibrant cities of Jakarta and Paris for work. And now, I have settled in Southern California for love. The places where I have lived have influenced my interior design style.


I have always been interested in creative and design work. Aside from being a self-taught designer, I have also taken on various positions in fashion and retail visual merchandising. But I came back to interior design because I realized it was my calling and passion.


My ultimate goal as a designer is to use my creativity as a tool for good. I want to create intimate, personalized spaces for people they can make happy memories in. The way I see it, every client is a new person I can’t wait to embark on an adventure with. I have a lot of heart for interior design and have big dreams for Jubilee Interiors and I hope you can join me on this exciting journey!

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